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Promosyon İstanbul Antalya uçak bileti

on Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:32 am
Transportation amongst Istanbul and the Airport

Ataturk Airport situated on the Istanbul European Side and Sabiha Gökçen Air terminal situated on the Anatolian Side are the airplane terminals serving in the status of the worldwide airplane terminal. At the two air terminals in the city where Atatürk Airport is utilized prevalently, there are distinctive travel choices that give you access to the downtown area.

1) Ataturk Airport,

Turkey's busiest airplane terminal and having 11 busiest traveler activity in the world. Due to these highlights, you have alternatives to achieve the city focus with various transportation techniques.


stations inside the Metro Airport, Yenikapi, Aksaray, Fatih, Topkapi, Esenler Otogari, for example, moving to numerous spots you can see.


You can achieve Istanbul downtown area monetarily with YH-1 transports going from Airport to Taksim to TH-1 and Yenikapi. Metro stations in Yenikapi furthermore, Taksim can give access to other focal areas of the city.


Havatas transports (Havabus administrations) give you access to Taksim and Yenikapi IDO Iskelesi relatively each hour of the day. You can without much of a stretch get to the separation between the air terminal and the essential issues of Istanbul by shared flights.


One of the speediest and most helpful alternatives to get from Atatürk Airplane terminal to the downtown area is to take a taxi. Be that as it may, before deciding on this choice you might need to check the activity circumstance on your course. Rather than achieving the goal straightforwardly by taxi, you can likewise go to the metro or metrobus stops by taxi and exchange and finish your trip speedier and all the more financially.

Lease an auto

It is likewise conceivable to exploit the AVIS, Budget, Europcar and other real auto rental offices situated in the air terminal, and finish the short adventure to Istanbul downtown area with this technique. You can convey the vehicles to the workplaces in the downtown area. Be that as it may, particularly on the off chance that you would prefer not to go to in excess of one place or lease the auto for a moderately lengthy timespan, you should reserve a spot, get the vehicle furthermore, report the focuses you will convey.

2) Sabiha Gökçen Airport

This airplane terminal likewise offers an assortment of in-city transportation choices that you can use to achieve diverse purposes of the city.


You will take the Kartal metro station by taxi. Following 15-20 minutes travel you can reach to the regions you need to reach with metro or Marmaray choice at the Separation Fountain station. From the Marmaray Airplane terminal you can achieve the Kartal station and go to the metro station which keeps running towards Kadikoy. In the wake of exchanging to Marmaray at the Detachment Fountain station, you can achieve the main issues, for example, Sirkeci and Yenikapi on the European side. The choices, for example, metro, transport and ocean transports, ships in Yenikapi can contact you to all aspects of Istanbul or to the areas like Bandirma, Yalova, Avsa, Bursa and Çinarcik close to the city.


Utilizing transports serving E10 and E11 toward Kadiköy, E9 in the bearing of Bostanci, E3 and 122H toward Levent, E18 in the bearing of Altunizade and Ümraniye, KM20 and 132H in the bearing of Pendik, 16S toward Uzunçayir Metrobus and KM22 toward Walnut Kartal Metro, You can achieve the focuses.


The taxi alternative you can pick by checking the activity on your course is the quickest and most helpful elective you can use to come to the downtown area from Sabiha Gokcen Airport. You can likewise proceed with your travel by achieving the point where you can exploit open transportation, for example, metro stations by maneuvering Dilerseniz.

Lease an auto

You can lease an auto from the air terminals of numerous national and global rental organizations' workplaces (to achieve the downtown area). On the off chance that you need to utilize this alternative easily, you should save already. Between Transportation and Antalya Airport in Turkey contrasted with the third traveler activity, Europe's fourth busiest air terminal on the Antalya Airport, Antalya downtown area is 10 km. toward the east. Particularly in summer, the huge and present day air terminal which has a huge number of local and remote vacationers offers a sufficient benefit regarding transportation offices to the downtown area. Antalya Airport - Transportation between Antalya downtown area (or other tourism focuses associated with Antalya) is as per the following:


The transport number 600, which leaves each 30 minutes from the airplane terminal, goes through the downtown area and achieves the Antalya transport station. Night transport administrations are accessible at 01.15, 03.45, 06.00. These undertakings, on which the twofold ticket tax is connected, can at present be seen as a prudent method for achieving Antalya downtown area. The transport number 800 is planned to begin at 6:15 like clockwork. In these flights to Liman, twofold ticket levy is connected.

Havas Busses

Havas transports withdrawing from the 5M Migros AVM will give you a helpful 45 minute ride to achieve an advantageous place in Antalya city focus. The charge for this trip is 10 TL.

Minibusses (Services)

The minibusses that give carry benefit from the air terminal stops to different spots of Antalya (Aspendos, Alanya, Kemer, Side, Manavgat) are among the options you can use to achieve the locale you will remain amid your Antalya occasions.

Taxi You

can exploit administrations at Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and residential lines of the taxi stand, which is associated with Antalya Airport. You can additionally discover data about taxi admissions at the airplane terminal.

Cable car

Beginning from 2016, Terminal 1 and the cable car line stretching out to the front of the residential lines and furnishing administration can furnish you with simple access to essential purposes of the city.

Lease an auto

Extensive and present day air terminal is Antalya Airport, and the workplace of the world's significant auto procure organizations in Turkey where the air terminal is. In the event that you are wanting to remain in Antalya for quite a while and visit extraordinary wonders of the city via auto, you can lease an auto. You can achieve Antalya downtown area from Antalya air terminal by following Alanya street from Antalya downtown area and moving to Antalya airplane terminal or switch bearing. To know more about Promosyon İstanbul Antalya uçak bileti
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